Mitsotakis calls for snap election; promises to slash taxes

Mitsotakis calls for snap election; promises to slash taxes
Main opposition New Democracy party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis reiterated his call for an early election as soon as possible, during a speech at an event celebrating the 44th anniversary since the conservative party was founded.

Mitsotakis said snap polls were necessary in order for the country to regain its credibility and return to debt markets. The comments came after a tough week for bank stocks and amid rumors that the government is contemplating a plan to help banks speed up their bad-loan disposals, possibly including a government guarantee.

The leader of center-right New Democracy fiercely attacked the government, accusing it of spreading lies, making costly mistakes and using divisor tactics. He called the so called exit from the memorandum heralded by the government “an illusion”, adding that risks are growing both for the economy and society.

Outlining his ideas for a future New Democracy government, Mitsotakis said it would promote transparency and efficiency, along with fewer taxes, more investment, public order and a fairer State.

“New Democracy is truly a progressive party for the people and will always serve the needs of the nation”, Mitsotakis told the party faithful. Moreover, unveiling the party’s new emblem, the he said that New Democracy is open to new ideas and that the new image reflects the changing times.

An open invitation to voters from across the political spectrum was also put out by the New Democracy leader, who stressed the need a “new national cooperation” and a “truth pact” that will “activate a social stream” that will take the country forward.  “Citizens will kick out SYRIZA and ANEL not merely as politically defeated, but as morally bankrupt,” he predicted.

Mitsotakis went on to emphasize that “we are the party that kept Greece standing within Europe, despite the waves of populism that emerged with the economic crisis.”…. / ΙΒΝΑ