Greek PM announces presents National Anti-Tobacco Action Plan

Greek PM announces presents National Anti-Tobacco Action Plan

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis elaborated on the key objectives and context of the anti-smoking campaign during an official briefing of the National Anti-Tobacco Action Plan organized by the Ministry of Health.

In his speech he said that “the goal of the Greek state is the complete harmonization with the aim of the World Health Organization and aims to reduce smoking by 30% by 2025″.

The numbers are overwhelming: Deaths from smoking are estimated at 20,000 a year. The same cause causes 700,000 days of hospitalization. Mr Mitsotakis cited some data: “27.5% of Greeks are smokers; a rate which is even higher in adult population … Almost all citizens are exposed to some form of passive smoking. The deaths from smoking are estimated at 20,000 a year. The same cause is causing more than 700,000 days of hospitalization for patients costing the state close to EUR 1 billion … 84% of citizens consider cultural degradation the non-application of anti-smoking laws. 76%, say they are outraged – not just annoyed, outraged – with this situation … To this dissatisfaction we come to respond with the National Strategy. But also with the strict ban on smoking in public places, in private workplaces, in places where children are, in playgrounds, in cars whenever children are allowed. ”

He then proceeded to mentioning the anti-smoking campaign: “A multi-faceted campaign: With radio and television spots. By intervening in social media, by seeking out public supporters to assist in this endeavor, but also by promoting another model of life in ‘non-smoking’ cities such as Trikala, in ‘non-smoking’, islands such as Astypalaia, in “non-smoking” work and leisure spaces. The law provides for fines of up to 500 euros for offenders and up to 10,000 euros for owners of venues where the offense is committed. In the event of a fourth relapse the store will be temporarily closed, and in the event of a fifth relapse its license will be revoked.

Those who are illegitimate will be listed in a four-digit number. Checks will be made with mixed steps with the help of the Police … In real life, of course, I believe things have become simpler. Already, the first audits carried out in 172 companies showed that the law was fully complied with at more than 70%”.

Mitsotakis went on to outline the four main directions of the project:

-First, in shaping, at last in Greece, a non-smoking, anti-smoking culture.

– The second pillar is respect for the non-smoker, who also has a voice and defenses against passive smoking. This includes the total ban on smoking indoors and outdoors in the presence of minors.

-The third axis of the plan, the parallel concern for smokers.

– The fourth direction is to protect the health of citizens by properly and objectively evaluating new tobacco products and by regulating their circulation in the market./ibna