Mitsotakis And Haftar discussed the situation in Libya

Mitsotakis And Haftar discussed the situation in Libya

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis received today in his parliamentary office the Commander of the Libyan National Army Khalifa Haftar, who briefed him on the situation in Libya and his expectations from the Berlin Summit.

According to government sources, Khalifa Haftar thoroughly unfolded the counterproductive role played by outside interventions in his country, both on a military and a civilian level. He argued that the Libyan people should be left to decide their future through an inclusive nationwide assembly.

According to the same information from the Greek side, Khalifa Haftar specifically denounced Turkey’s negative interventionist role and stated that both of the Sarraj-Turkey memoranda were void, since they opposed international law but also because they were signed by a government which lacked the legislative jurisdiction for such an action.

The Greek Prime Minister stressed the need for a political solution to be found for the Libyan crisis, urging Khalifa Haftar to adopt a constructive stance at the Berlin Summit. He stressed that the ceasefire was the first necessary step in restoring security and removing mercenaries, which would allow the political settlement process to kick off.

What government sources take away from the conversation, which covered in depth all issues surrounding the wider security environment in the Eastern Mediterranean region, was Khalifa Haftar’s clear position on the invalidity of the Sarraj-Turkey Memoranda and his commitment to demarcate maritime zones with Greece. /ibna