Mitsotakis accuses SYRIZA of a “tsunami” of populism

Mitsotakis accuses SYRIZA of a “tsunami” of populism

Athens, January 15, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

In his first speech as president of ND at the Parliamentary Group of the, Kyriakos Mitsotakis accused the government of a “tsunami” of populism and noted: “United we move in the creative renewal of the New Democracy, so that it becomes the great center-right party”.

We have taken a divorce with populism, Mitsotakis said, adding: “We will win the battle of ideas against the populism from wherever it comes”.

Mitsotakis noted that the political map of the country has changed; it’s not the same since the citizens decided to take the fate of the ND in their hands. “They trust us”, he said, noting that people have decided to reward the righteous speech of politics against populism.

Mitsotakis said that his goal is to create a relationship with all Greek men and women.

He accused the Tsipras government of irresponsibility and said that it jeopardises both the economy and Greece.

The expectations are high, he said, adding that he feels the weight on his shoulders. “We will vindicate the citizens”, he said.

He noted that New Democracy is the only reliable solution to get the country out of the crisis “and to leave behind the nightmare of the memoranda “.

He said that ND should be ready not only with vision, but also with design.

The first battle of the ND will be the bill for Social Security, he noted, saying that ND will submit its own proposal.

“The ANEL-SYRIZA government seriously harms Greece”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said speaking to the Parliamentary Group of his party and added: “I don’t have a mandate to support Mr. Tsipras, but to preactice hard and responsible opposition”.

“The SYRIZA ANEL-government is the last chapter of populism and political immorality. This chapter we will close. Let it not therefore hope for a consensus”.

“Blindling supporting Mr Tsipras will not going to happen; ND is not going to become a convenient crutch for the government”, Mitsotakis said and added: “New Democracy gave its support in the summer when the country risked being left out of the European institutions, but then after the election Mr. Tsipras chose partner for his government”.

He said he will put foreward the constitutional review issue in the first meeting he will have with Alexis Tsipras.

Referring to Skouries, he said that the government sends the wrong message to those who are considering investing in the country. “I wonder what Mr Tsipras will say in Davos”, he said and noted that it is a pretext on the part of the government to invoke the law.

“We believe the reforms, which we will explain to the Greek people. If the government does not attract EUR 100 billion worth of investments in the coming years the country will not come out of the crisis”, he said.

He also mentioned the “pretext”, as he described it, dialogue on education by saying that the government Education is a means to express ideology.

Henceforth ND should be based almost exclusively on private funding, he noted, saying that this will be done in full transparency: “We will ask few from many”.

Finally, he announced Kostas Tsiaras as the candidate for the secretary of the parliamentary group. Nikos Dendias, and Yiannis Vroutsis Niki Kerameos will be the representatives of the PG.