Minorities will back the majority in forming the government

Minorities will back the majority in forming the government

Pristina, August 27, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Non Serb minorities have taken their decision on the side that they will back, at a time when their vote is seen as crucial for the establishment of state institutions.

Following rumors as to which side would have the votes of the so called 6 Plus Group, this group has expressed its positioning, by saying that it doesn’t agree for the country to head to elections, therefore saying that it will offer its vote to whichever side that has the necessary numbers.

One of the members of this group, who represents the Turkish community and who is also acting minister of Public Administration, Mahir Yagcilar, says that his group is interested to see institutions be established as soon as possible, thus manifesting his stand in relation to the voting for the speaker of parliament and new government.

“We’re in favor of creating institutions. We will back the group that is the first one to make the proposal”, said Yagcilar.

But he has also left an open option if the nomination of the Democratic Party of Kosovo doesn’t obtain the trust of MPs.

Serb minority in Kosovo says that it will back the ones who are in majority to establish the new state institutions.

The head of the Serb Liberal party and acting deputy prime minister, Slobodan Petrovic says that the decision of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo for the annulment of the election of Isa Mustafa as speaker of parliament, doesn’t harm Serbs.

“Serbs will back those who have a majority”, declared Petrovic. /ibna/