Minorities in FYROM seek more rights

Minorities in FYROM seek more rights

A part of minorities in FYROM complain about their rights.

Roma community, Turkish community, Serbs and Bosnian have often complained of not being involved in state administration, of not learning their mother tongue in schools and lack of support in the domain of culture, media and cultivation of their values.

“These minorities face different problems, such as equal representation in public administration in accordance with the Ohrid Agreement, problems and challenges in education, promotion of cultural values and the lack of media in their language”, says Ilhan Rahman representative of the Agency for Human Rights.

Selma Mandal of the “Lilium Bosniakum” Bosnian Center for Research says that their community has been facing many problems in terms of their cultural and academic life.

“As a Bosnian community, we are committed for this concept to change. Our idea is that each student belonging to our community must have the possibility of learning Bosnian”, says Mandal. According to her, there must be institutional support for the cultivation of cultural and traditional values.

Minister of Education, Renata Deskovska says that the reasons why minorities in the country face problems are many.

“The education system needs to do more in teaching the languages of the minorities in the school system, but some of the reasons that make this a difficult thing to achieve is the lack of an adequate number of teachers, school books and quality teaching”, minister Deskovska says. /balkaneu.com/