Minorities are blocking the creation of the Kosovo Army

Minorities are blocking the creation of the Kosovo Army

Pristina, 20 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

On Monday, Kosovo’s parliament has removed from the order of day the constitutional amendments which will give way to the creation of the Armed Forces of Kosovo.

This, due to the fact that the consensus of minority parties in Kosovo is needed to created the Armed Forces.

Adem Grabovci, head of PDK parliamentary group said that this issue will be discussed once votes in parliament are secured.

Ismet Beqiri, head of LDK parliamentary group, said that his party backs the bill for the creation of the Armed Forces.

He added that efforts will continue in order to reach an agreement, because according to him, the votes of minority communities are needed for the creation of Armed Forces.

Speaker of the Parliament of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli said the session will continue on Wednesday, while on Thursday, parliament will convene in a regular session.

Meanwhile, Self Determination MPs have left the session to express their revolt for removing the creation of the Army from the agenda.

At the meantime, the heads of the Serb List are very clear about their conditions. They have said that they will not vote the transformation of Kosovo Security Forces into Kosovo’s Armed Forces, without fulfilling the four conditions for the creation of this army: the appointment of the vice director of Kosovo Intelligence Agency from the ranks of the Serb minority, the vice commander of FSK from the ranks of the Serb community, the suspension of privatizations in Serb communes and the creation of the Association of Communes for this minority. /ibna/