New minister without portfolio for Slovenian’s abroad

New minister without portfolio for Slovenian’s abroad


Review Hari Stefanatos

The bussinesman, Gorazd Žmavc, will be the new minister without portfolio for Slovenians abroad, after the Parliamentary Commission for Slovenians Abroad cleared him with 7 for and 3 votes against, on Wednesday.

Žmavc will replace Tina Komel of Positive Slovenia (PS), who stepped down last week in order to make room for the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) candidate as part of a broader cabinet reshuffle.

His appointment however brought criticism from oppoiton MPs who spoke of ‘political games”, but refrained from speaking against the new minister stating that  they do not know the candidate well enough.

Žmavc promised to continue the work of his predecessors at the Office for Slovenians Abroad, while adding that high in his agenda is prioritizing economic cooperation with the diaspora and said he would work closely with the economy and foreign ministries.

Žmavc, along with the nominees for health and economy ministers, will receive confirmation at an extraordinary plenary that is to be held on Thursday.

(Source sloveniatimes)