Minister of Integration: The long spiral of blockades will end on June 23

Minister of Integration: The long spiral of blockades will end on June 23

Tirana, May 27, 2013

The Minister of Integration, Majlinda Bregu has accused today the leader of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama of ignoring the appeal of the Democratic Party for the voting of the three laws, thus imposing new conditions.

Bregu said that Rama cannot live without blocking because he cannot face farmers that he deprived of millions of Euros in subsidies, students that he deprived of hundreds of scholarships and so on.

The Minister of Integration said that the head of the opposition is the only politician in Europe who used the power given to him by voters to prevent the integration of the country, adding that Rama may block the voting of the three laws once again on Thursday, but he cannot escape to the responsibility of blockade.

Amongst others, Bregu said that the current majority will continue to launch appeals until the three laws are voted.

“The vote of Thursday divides two different worlds, two alternatives, the alternative that takes the country back in time and the alternative of the Democratic Party and its allies, which enabled the endorsement of the Stabilization and Association agreement, NATO accession and liberalization of visas. This is the alternative that takes Albania forward. We will support the interest of citizens by voting the three laws, because our objective is to move forward”, said Bregu during a press conference. /ibna/