Minister denies linking US embassy to security threat to PM

Minister denies linking US embassy to security threat to PM

Aleksandar Vulin said on Wednesday that he “at no point made a connection between the U.S. embassy and the threat to the life of PM Aleksandar Vucic.”

“Some embassy officials are making the wrong signals with their behavior, and do not provide a true picture of the quality of our relations,” the Serbian minister of labor and veteran and social affairs said, adding:

“Such signals could easily misdirect someone to understand that our relations are so bad that someone is rejoicing that bad things are happening to our head of government.”

Vulin added that he was “certain neither the U.S. government nor its embassy want that” and described relations between the two countries as “good, while they should be even better.”

Reiterating that he “at no point” liked either the U.S government or its embassy here to being in any way involved in threatening the life of Prime Minister Vucic, Vulin said he spoke publicly “so that such signals and wrong gestures are not repeated.”

Noting that Serbia and the U.S. are friendly countries, Vulin said it would be unthinkable for a Serbian embassy staffer in the United States to take part in anti-government protests there, or to gather the opposition on election night, or attend a party where insults are shouted aimed at U.S. leaders.

“The behavior that the U.S. expect from our diplomats is also expected by us from U.S. diplomats,” Vulin said, and added that he “agrees with Ambassador Kyle Scott that there is no room for polemics.”

The minister said that he has already asked the U.S. to help shed light “on the background of the attempted murder of the prime minister or his brother, and to help find out who tried to kill Vucic in Srebrenica.”

“We would appreciate such help and I’m sure we can get it,” said Vulin.

Speaking for the state broadcaster RTS on Tuesday evening, Vulin said: “I’ll present something that is not the position of the Government of Serbia, nor have I had the opportunity to exchange views with the prime minister – but the truth and the facts should be presented before Serbia. The Jajinci case began on election night, when all (opposition) parties charged into the Electoral Commission and there was an attempt to change the election’s results, and with them going to U.S. Ambassador Scott.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Scott said he “did not know how to respond” to this statement./IBNA

Source: B92