Who are the millionaire business people in FYR Macedonia

Who are the millionaire business people in FYR Macedonia

Skopje, May 30, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

“Forbes” prestigious magazine has included in its last edition about the richest people in southeast Europe business people from former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Minco Jordanov, is once again in the “Forbes” list, while he’s followed by Andreja Josifovski.

Last year there were five business people in the list, while this year there were two.

Jordanov is known as the ‘king of steel’, being the owner of the ‘Makstil’ steel and iron plant. He’s also a shareholder of several other companies such as “Beton”, “Fakom”, “Stobi” wine plant, “Nova Makedonija” newspaper, “Remedika” hospital and other companies that have a small capital.

Jordanov is also the owner of a handball club and the current champions “Metalurg”. Jordanov’s wealth generated from the shares sold in the Skopje Stock Exchange and international stock exchanges is 27 million Euros.

Andreja Josifovski, chairman of the steering committee of “Makpetrol”, specializing in the processing of oil and fuel pumps is on the second place. It’s said that his wealth is similar to that of Jordanov.

Last year, part of the “Forbes” list were also Svetozar Janevski as owner of “M6” company and “Skopje Brewery” which was sold to a Greek company that represents “Coca-Cola” in Greece.

Nevertheless, as far as figures are concerned, business people from FYR Macedonia are far from the millionaires of the other Balkan countries.  At the top of “Forbes” list is the Croatian businessman, Ivica Todorovic, owner of “Agrokor” the wealth of which is estimated to be 735 million Euros. /ibna/