Migration on “Bosnian Route” intensified

Migration on “Bosnian Route” intensified

In the last three months, the number of migrants, in the territory of Eastern Herzegovina (South East BiH), is increased by 450 percent compared to the same period last year, official data said.

Only in 15 days of December, 100 migrants entered the territory of Montenegro, the representatives of border police agencies of BiH and Montenegro and the BiH Service for Foreigners Affairs concluded at the meeting in Trebinje, on Thursday, December 21. They also stressed that hundreds of citizens of countries with high migration risk were registered in Herzegovina in the past year, while this number increased to more than 700 persons in 2017.

Participants of the meeting stated that there is a new route of immigrants movement from Greece, through Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina to other countries, but that three groups that came from Dubrovnik have been recorded recently. Some of them were hurt.

“They were taken to the border and sent into BiH by the regular border police of Croatia. Some of them were hurt by the police, and that is evidenced by photographs and their statements,” said the director of the BiH Service for Foreigners Affairs Service, Slobodan Ujić.

He added that the Immigration centre of the Service is filled to the last place, while at the Asylum centre of 150 places, currently 180 persons are hosted.

“In the last three months, immigrants come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and Morocco,” Ujić said.

He added that, according to the readmission agreement, all foreigners who illegally enter BiH must be returned to the countries of origin or to the countries from where they entered BiH, and they must have concrete evidence that they entered from a certain country. The significant increase in the number of illegal migrants at the border of Montenegro and BiH was also indicated by the assistant director of the BiH Border Police, Slobodan Krstić, who pointed out that they can still manage things.

“The situation at the border is safe, general security is not threatened, the population has no problem, but the services must prevent immigrants from crossing the border and staying illegally in BiH,” Krstić said.

He pointed out that migrants from Greece also are moving across Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, and added that “the routes over BiH are not as significant as other directions.”

“Stronger border controls have already been taken. Border police have engaged additional people, techniques, and specialised resources, which resulted in a significant number of people being prevented from entering BiH territory, and legal measures against them have been taken,” Krstić said.

He added that Montenegrin counterparts informed them that they are undertaking intensified measures on the border with Albania because it is an “entry point”…/IBNA