Mickoski: The Prespa Agreement is a reality, I will never use the name “North Macedonia”

Mickoski: The Prespa Agreement is a reality, I will never use the name “North Macedonia”

The leader of the largest opposition party in North Macedonia, the right-wing nationalist party, VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in an interview last night with Skopje’s largest private TV station, “Sitel”, has indicated that he will never use the new name of the country, “North Macedonia”, despite the fact that he acknowledges, as he said, that the Prespa Agreement is a reality that cannot be ignored.

“You cannot expect me to repeat like Zoran Zaev the designation (North). I will never do that.  But the Prespa agreement, which brings with it a certain reality in Macedonia – we are part of this parliament, we participate in elections in the country, we are part of a reality that unfortunately Zoran Zaev adopted – we cannot ignore it and we cannot be hypocritical and say that it is not a reality,” Mickoski said.

“No one can forbid me from being unhappy with the Prespa Agreement and while I am politically active to dream of correcting the injustice suffered by the Macedonian people. No one can take this right away from me. It is my right as a politician. It is a cultural right,” the VMRO-DPMNE leader also said.

These statements by the North Macedonian opposition leader come at a time when the opposition parties have announced that they have secured a parliamentary majority in order to bring down Zaev’s government, which they claim has now lost its majority.

Earlier on Sunday, Hristijan Mickoski gave Prime Minister Zoran Zaev a “deadline” to submit his resignation by Monday afternoon and noted that if this did not happen he would, on Monday afternoon, submit a motion of impeachment against the government./ibna