Mickoski: I confess, I was at a bar, I will pay the fine!

Mickoski: I confess, I was at a bar, I will pay the fine!

Late Wednesday night, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski admitted on a Facebook post that he was at the “Boemska” bar, having violated the anti-corona measures and said he was ready to pay the fine.

This is the second case of violation of the corona-measures by the VMRO-DPMNE leader, as he was at the gym while the traffic ban was in force for all citizens in the territory of North Macedonia.

According to public reports, Mickoski was inside the restaurant with friends, while inspectors were barred from entering to check if the measures were observed, having spotted customers inside.

The inspectors stayed outside the restaurant for 2.5 hours and when they were allowed to enter, they found dishes that had been used and empty bottles in the trash bin, which obviously meant that they were serving food, which is forbidden indoors. Inside were Hristijan Mockoski and his company.

Trying to alleviate criticism, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE wrote on Facebook that the publication of the event is aimed at disorienting public opinion from the re-emergence of COVID-19.

“In a situation where we have a real disaster from the spread of coronavirus infection and a complete fiasco of a government that is disoriented and ineffective, which busies itself with whether I had lunch inside or outside a restaurant, fully proving its dishonesty and its functions”… “The disorientation of the public with this ‘epic battle’ of EBR experts, with restaurant staff appearing on the media to create a story out of nothing and a series of misinformation to divert attention from the real disaster with the lives of the citizens, is the work of the incompetent government”, Mickoski continues in his post.

“Yes, it is true that I was with two acquaintances at a restaurant in Debar Maalo, for the first time since the lifting of the ban on visits to restaurants and because I was not informed enough about the new protocols. If this is my greatest sin, my mistake and my omission, I admit it and I am ready to pay a fine for it. I don’t think people don’t know how to make a mistake; it’s important when you are doing something wrong not to do something bad to someone, to hurt someone, to do something irreparable. I regret that today, in addition to the catastrophic number of new cases and deaths, the catastrophic management of the corona-crisis, the government’s financial disaster, the theft of citizens’ money, scandals, the sale of national interests, my meeting with acquaintances at a bar in Skopje also became a topic of discussion. It’s human to be wrong and I’m not a hypocrite who says something in front of the cameras and something else behind them. I want to deny that I had any contact with any state audit or government agency. This is misinformation to feed the disorientation of the public”.

“And to be honest, this human sin, I think, is far less important than the situation today with the loss of lives and the indecision of the government that put everyone’s health at risk.

Today, the real issue is that we have 101 new cases and 4 deaths. The government wants to sell a story to hide the truth about itself and the fact that my move to a restaurant did not affect anyone, but their incompetence and the SDSM complex.

If anyone had a dilemma, it is now more than clear that the government and the paramilitary forces led by Zoran Zaev are following me. And they must know that ‘Macedonia’ does not forget and everyone will be defeated!”, Mickoski concluded./ibna