Mickoski hits the brakes and goes in reverse

Mickoski hits the brakes and goes in reverse

Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski suddenly braked and began to ride in reverse. So far he was going at 150 kilometers per hour along the highway “Alexander the Great”, but in the opposite direction. After learning that it was renamed “Friendship”, he almost had a direct collision with a big truck. He parked at the first parking lot he saw and decided to wait to be taken out and moved on the right path. These are the new circumstances and the new road signs that must be respected, explained Mickoski. One cannot drive in the opposite direction on motorways or one-way streets. In spite of their lives, one can put the lives of many other people in danger.

Hristijan Mickoski experienced another shock when the tow service marked his parking lot on the E-75 highway. What, he asked, is this not “Friendship”, that is, “Alexander the Great”? No, drivers told him, to help with the roads, this is a section on the road from London via la Manche and across Europe and through the Bosporus and half of Asia to Tehran, so it will continue to Beijing. Its name was never changed, it is always called E-75. Wait, wait, this is a completely new situation, new circumstances that we did not know, said Mickoski, begging them to tow his car faster.

Mickoski does not have the courage of the President of the Republic, Gjorge Ivanov, who, on the other hand, returns from Skopje to Valandovo driving a minibus with several passengers, also on the wrong part of the highway in the opposite direction. But in the case of the president of the state there is no danger of casualties because the police stopped the traffic with an alarm for general danger, a ban on the movement of all motor vehicles and pedestrians, so the driver and passengers in the minibus still do not understand the delusion because they are alone on the road, so they drive smoothly at full speed to their homes without having to obey traffic signs. Everyone, alive and well, will arrive home quickly, but the fine for damages from the prolonged traffic jam will have to be paid by the driver of multi-year installments with high default interest.

Dear readers, this illustration of driving in the wrong direction and new traffic signs in new circumstances is an attempt to explain the great idiocy of the sentence as simple as possible that has counted a million times as the latest soap this time – that they have nothing to do with the agreement with Greece and membership in NATO and the EU. Mickoski and Ivanov hold this straw like two people who are drowning, to save themselves from the stupidity that they made, which became apparent with the obstructing of the country’s future, which determine the alliances with NATO and the EU. And now both of them preach like some kind of fanatics that the EU and NATO membership has nothing to do with the agreement with Greece. For ten years VMRO DPMNE, Dr. Nikola Gruevski, and Dr. Ivanov filled prople’s heads that only because of Greece and its privileged position in Europe and America we are not NATO members and we can not start negotiations with the EU, and now they suddenly say that it has nothing to do with this. The agreement with Greece is capitulation and domestic betrayal, and the entry into the EU and NATO is quite another and very important strategic goal that should be achieved by their government after the fall of the traitors, not in a referendum.

So, the president not only hasn’t signed the agreement, regardless of having been twice ratified in the Parliament, and which makes a serious offense with disrespect of the constitution and the regularity of parliamentary democracy, but will not sign it even if the citizens accept the Euro-Atlantic orientation and the signed Agreement with Greece at a referendum.

In fact, whether the president signs it after the citizens vote at a referendum for NATO and EU, or he will not sign it, depends on whether he will like the referendum question, even more if he likes the answer of the citizens and whether he is in a good mood. If the uncrowned king from Vodno estimates that citizens, as people with special needs, are misled by the traitors and enemies of the homeland, he will not sign a capitulation. These are the new circumstances of Ivanov and Mickoski in the preparations to declare the upcoming referendum as forged.

However, the great chance of over 700,000 citizens to say “yes” to the EU, NATO and the Agreement with Greece is a danger that causes even more recent circumstances in Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE, whether the referendum will be successful or not. Immediately after the referendum may be the resignations of the prime minister and the government, the dissolution of parliament and new early parliamentary elections this year with the pre-election coalition of all political parties that are for European Macedonia and who support the agreement with Greece and accept the compromises that with nothing do not violate the national and other identity identities of the Macedonian people and other peoples living in Macedonia. Reading the agreement with Greece in new circumstances without high temperature and cool heads reveals that it is acceptable as a prerequisite for EU and NATO membership, even more than the politicians who had witnessed and participated in longstanding talks and negotiations with Greece hoped for.

The possibility of new early elections right after the referendum are the new traffic signs along the highway that led the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, President Hristijan Mickoski and Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski to run to their media and to declare that they will boycott possible early elections if the referendum is not organized by VMRO-DPMNE, ie VMRO in the MVRO. They demand the Minister of Internal Affairs to be from VMRO-DPMNE during the possible early election. The most suitable for this is Gordana Jankuloska, who with her great experience knows all the accomplices who remained in the MOI and who worked devoted to VMRO-DPMNE in all elections.

As if someone whispered to Mickovski that with 700 to 800 thousand votes for European Macedonia, they will not move to a deeper opposition, but to other addresses, and some of them will move back home. Now Mickoski will wait to see what happens, and then he will consider whether it is possible to boycott the referendum and the early parliamentary election, while proving that the accession to NATO and the EU has nothing to do with the capitulation agreement, because he would make an even better one.

The equation that Mickoski solves as a new circumstance is: how many seats in parliament will the opponents from treacherous European parties win if 700 to 800 thousand people vote for them in an early parliamentary election that may take place this year, if they continue to preach a boycott of the referendum. Would VMRO-DPMNE, Mickoski and Ivanov be asked to say or sign something then. Or perhaps it is best to immediately join a united proclamation of all pro-European political parties to the citizens of Macedonia to go to a referendum and to vote at will whether they are the European future of the country accepting the name agreement with Greece, or are against it. Just so VMRO-DPMNE remains on the political scene with the chance to deal with the problems in the party.

Erol Rizaov