Michalis Kokkinos: I hope this summit becomes an institution

Michalis Kokkinos: I hope this summit becomes an institution

Rhodes, September 9, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Rhodes Conference, the Secretary General of Greeks Abroad, Michalis Kokkinos, chose to describe the purpose and content of the Rhodes Conference (September 8-9) through the words of Nikos Kazantzakis.

“When it was decided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make this session [Rhodes] for security and stability, when the session was aimed, based on the design of the head of Greek diplomacy (Nikos Kotzias), to invite countries from Europe and the Arab world is true that the Minister chose Rhodes, my country, as the crossroads of civilizations”, Michalis Kokkinos told representatives of the press and continued:

“At that time Kazantzakis’ words really came to my mind, Kazantzakis words by reference to Greco, and I was inspired to talk with Takis Chrysikakos who has staged a spectacular show for the “reference to Greco”, with a piece that I think is the essence of this meeting, the essence which includes inside it the deep debt and the tragic fate of Greece and the tragic fate of the Greek, the modern Greek, a fate the Minister of Foreign Affairs contemplates deeply, as does every Greek patriot today.

It is the piece where Kazantzakis says, today is more topical than ever that the West with the power of reason and technology, rushes to conquer the world, and the East inspired in turn by historical deep forces, lunges as well to conquer the world and there their border, the old historical border – Greece – is looking to find the composition. The fate of the Greek is heavy and timeless tragic, to find the composition today this fate stands on our shoulders, contemporary as heavy and as tragic stands on the shoulders of every Greek patriot, but more so on the shoulders of the Greek Foreign Minister, and he chooses to do this session for peace and stability and safety in Rhodes my place of origin.

In Rhodes, my country, where the Greek element after 600 years of slavery never ceased to exist, but at the same time was also the crossroads of civilizations, with conquerors passing over it, the Muslims, the Knights, the Latins, the Italians, Greeks never seized to exits, but there was always the element of composition.

But tragic the fate of the Greek resident of Rhodes as well, semantically therefore there could not be a better way to do this composition, the composition here in Rhodes, to find ourselves at last Europeans and Arabs to see finally what unites us and what divides us, because maybe ultimately what unites us is more, to stop managing a misery and to stop managing things that are hard and wild, and begin to manage things that are beautiful and optimistic, things that would be better for the generations that follow because in the end we owe it to the generations that follow to prepare a better world, because by finding the composition Kazantzakis was saying we would make a better world and the patriot Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias can see this weight and can be proud that he is fighting here from this island, because he dreams of a better future for his daughter and his granddaughter as even I a better future for my children.

And the children they will make at some point and that is the goal, because this summit does not only have ministers who will surely have their agenda, will surely be tough negotiators, they also have their families here.

These families are here because they can bring Ministers closer, talking about things more every day more pleasant in a place that is warm, which is welcoming, which is open to a people such as the man and woman of Rhodes who knows how to embrace, who knows how to host, which has beautiful scenery and has warm hearts and which knows through the years how to break the ice and has brought closer peoples-persons.

It is not difficult for one to browse the history of this island which has managed to close historic agreements.

I hope the Rhodes Agreement of 2016 will go down in history with golden letters and as the Minister said to become an institution and later bring a better agreement at the Summit Rhodes 2017.

And why not 2018, and each summit to be a summit more promising for generations to come because as we said the fate of Greece is and will remain tragic, it will never stop asking the composition as natural boundary, tragic boundary between the West that will continue to rush to conquer the world, and the East that will continue to do the same thing. Us, all our lives, from the moment we are born like Greek we are looking from the time you open our eyes up to the time we close them, to find the composition.

Here in Rhodes I hope we find it for this year and to create a better world”, concluded the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad.