Meta does not take a stand, political “gridlock” continues

Meta does not take a stand, political “gridlock” continues

While the “ball” seems to be on the majority’s court, no clear movements seem to have been made to unblock the situation. Rama has asked his MPs to get ready for Thursday’s session, in spite of the opposition’s boycott, while Meta doesn’t answer if he accepts a technical government or not

The leader of  SMI (Socialist Movement for Integration) has not yet offered a reply on the demand of the opposition for the creation of a technical government.

In yesterday’s press conference alongside his counterpart from Kosovo, Kadri Veseli, the Speaker of Parliament was asked by reporters in more than one occasion about this issue.

“I don’t want to deviate from the content of this press conference by commenting our domestic issues”, Meta said. “Any peaceful protest must be respected and every request for higher standards in the elections deserves to be praised and deserves dialogue”.

This way, Ilir Meta didn’t accept or reject the demand of the opposition parties, which continue their protest on the tent set up between his office and that of Prime Minister Rama.

In July of last year, it was Mr. Meta himself who launched the idea of a technical government as soon as the judicial reform had passed.

But the situation seems to go through a gridlock following the declarations issued by the leader of the Democratic Party that there’s no withdrawal unless a technical government is created.

On the other hand, Premier Rama has met with the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party today behind closed doors. Rama has asked MPs to prepare for Thursday’s parliamentary session, in spite of the boycott announced by the opposition.

Rama has asked MPs not to comment the opposition’s protest, but join their voters in their constituencies and explain to them the reforms undertaken by the government and guarantee a victory in the June 18 elections.

Rama has reiterated his stance that the Socialist Party has nothing to change and that the opposition’s aim is to block the vetting process by blocking Parliament. “Parliament’s boycott is a clear mechanism to block the selection of the Vetting commissions, which should have started next week”, Rama told MPs.

Rama said that the formula is such that neither the commissions of the first instance, nor the Appeal ones, can be formed without the opposition.

“Boycott is the proof that everything relates to the Vetting”, Rama said.

The Prime Minister has reiterated the fact that the opposition is looking for an alibi for the next defeat, adding that the majority remains open to approve any electoral reform which will have the approval of OSCE/ODIHR.

After the meeting of the parliamentary group, Rama’s claims were illustrated in a televised interview by Olta Xhaçka MP.

The socialist MP rejected the declaration made by the leader of DP, Lulzim Basha who claimed that Rama had offered the removal of the Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri in order to put an end to the protest. Xhacka considered these declarations as stories that Basha tells his militants to keep their morale high, denying the existence of such offer.

The tense political situation in the country was also reflected in yesterday’s meeting of the Tirana City Hall, where there were verbal clashes between representatives of both sides. /