Meta: Abandonment of agriculture and tourism has been deliberate

Meta: Abandonment of agriculture and tourism has been deliberate

Albanian President Ilir Meta expressed concern during a televised interview on what he described as Albania’s derailment from the process of European integration, as he put it, “the derailment of the whole state”.

“I have been very worried for years about the phenomenon of the Albanian population, because they did not give young people the opportunity to stay in the country, did not to invest in quality education according to the requirements of the labor market, and did not to offer them the prospect of better paid work”, Meta continued.

The President of Albania also focused on agriculture and tourism, expressing his concern about the deliberate abandonment of agriculture and tourism. “If we look at the supportive policies, they were very fictitious and propagandistic, which essentially excludes and does not support the farmers”, Meta pointed out.

Continuing, the Albanian President noted that “state aid was very small, almost ten times less than in northern Macedonia or six times less than in Kosovo. In other words, we provide the lowest support to farmers, compared to all countries in the region. ”

Meanwhile, according to him, the potential for agricultural production, livestock, for Albania’s agri-food industry is excellent.

“The country must invest in agriculture, tourism, agritourism, in these areas that are vital for Albania and at the same time connected to most Albanian families from Saranda to Tropoja. “This is the greatest potential that Albania has and that can ensure a sustainable economic development of the country”, Meta concluded./ibna