Message to the leadership from the Central Committee of SYRIZA

Message to the leadership from the Central Committee of SYRIZA

Athens, March 2, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

With a strong message to the leadership of SYRIZA for the choices made in the negotiations with the European partners and with the amplification of internal party controversy concluded the works of the Central Committee on Sunday.

The vote of the party’s leadership, which incorporates the options of post-election period, passed with a reduced majority of around 56%, while the Left Platform put to vote its own amendment, in the spirit of keeping all conference and electoral commitments, which received a 40%.

More specifically, according to reports, in favour of the text of the decision tabled by the leadership of SYRIZA voted 92 members of the CC, in favour of the motion of the platform 68, while fewer than 10 were the blanks.

As such, in the first post-election meeting of the central party organ, Alexis Tsipras is faced with new facts, since as the numbers show, SYRIZA appears divided on the government’s options.

The vote and its result came as a culmination of a charged debate, during which tensions where often high, with the confrontation reaching a critical point and the disagreements on the policy followed festering.

Indicative of the climate was the fact that the Left Platform tabled its own counter-proposal for the candidacy of Tassos Koronakis for the position of secretary, proposing the Al. Kalyvis. The third candidacy was that of St. Elliniadis who proposed himself.