MEPs postpone planned visit to Ankara due to restrains by the Turkish Government

MEPs postpone planned visit to Ankara due to restrains by the Turkish Government

The planned visit of two MEPs in Turkey has been met with some problems, resulting in the postponement of the visit. The postponement is considered a serious sample of the bad state of relations that exist between Brussels and Ankara.

MEPs Elmar Brok and Kati Piri were scheduled to visit the Turkish capital as an extention of visit of the Turkish Minister for European Affairs Ömer Çelik in Strasbourg.

According to the planning, the two MEPs were scheduled to have meetings with politicians, members of the opposition and representatives of NGOs.

But the Turkish government objected to many of the meetings, as hundreds of journalists’ and MPs’ arrests would have been included in the MEPs’ report. Kati Piri is responsible for the preparation of Turkey’s progress reports on accession negotiations.

The refusal of Turkey and the obstacles put brought the result of the postponement and the announcement of the President of EU Parliament Martin Schulz, who said that

“The European Parliament wants an open and frank dialogue with the Turkish authorities. But to have such a dialogue, the prerequisite is the respect for the autonomy and independence of your interlocutor. Mr Brock and Ms Piri represent the European Parliament and we can not accept the logic of choosing who speaks to whom”.

According to information, the Turkish government is troubled with the position expressed by Kati Piri for Turkey, as she proposes the suspension of the accession negotiations, due to the arrests of MPs, mayors and journalists in Turkey.

The Turkish government is reported to have sent a message that Ankara would not allow Piri to have any meetings, leading to the postponement of the entire trip./IBNA