Mektic: BiH has a  problem with terrorism

Mektic: BiH has a  problem with terrorism

Sarajevo, May 28, 2018/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

BiH Minister of security, Dragan Mektic, said Thursday that the BiH Prosecution office officially classified the attack on the police station in Zvornik as a terrorist act and that it is very important to find organizational and institutional instruments to fight terrorism in the State.

“The most important thing, in my opinion, is that we in BiH admit that we have a problem with terrorism. If we do that, we will find how to deal with it. The ministry of security is preparing a document which will provide the answer to the question of how to fight terrorism and these measures will not be declarative but very specific with possibility to defeat terrorism in BiH”, Mektic told the media before the BiH Parliament House of Representatives session, which has \ report on the terrorist attack in Zvornik on the agenda.

Speaking about the details of attack, Mektic said the investigation determined that on April 27, Nerdin Ibric came in front of the police station in Zvornik driving a car, golf 2. He came out of the car armed with a gun and rifle and, cursing and yelling “Allah Akbar”, shot one bullet to the police officer killing him on the spot.

Ibric after that went into the station where he found two police officers. One of them pulled out his gun and tried to shot Ibric, but the bullet got stuck. Ibric wounded both of them before he was killed by members of the Special Forces.

Mektic said that Ibric had one more shotgun in the car. He had a license for the shotgun and the gun was registered on his relative.

“In the police action ‘Ruben’, which followed this attack, two persons were arrested due to suspicion on terrorism and recruiting for terrorism. Further investigation must find out all about the preparation, organization and possible financing of terrorist acts in BiH. Is there an organization doing this or not?”, Mektic emphasised.

Delegates in BiH Parliament had different opinions regarding the act. For Serb representatives it is clearly a terrorist attack, but for most of Bosniak delegates it was not. Additionally, Bosniak representatives in majority think that during the ‘Ruben’ operation, police broke the human rights of those arrested and used inappropriate force, which caused fear in the population of Bosniak returnees.