Meimarakis: Tsipras has shown a status quo mindset

Meimarakis: Tsipras has shown a status quo mindset

Athens, August 28, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

New Democracy president unleashed a new strong attack to outgoing prime minister Alexis Tsipras during the meeting of the parliamentary group of the party, accusing him of “deciding to escape, only he refused the dialogue, demonstrated a status quo mindset, and that he is arrogant”.

He even accused Tsipras of telling lies that cost too much and “humiliated the political dialogue and the political world”. As he said, before the election he claimed that he would repeal the memorandum with one law, and after the election he plunged the country into chaos, and brought the most painful and unjust memorandum of all.

Escalating his attack to the SYRIZA – ANEL government, he charged it with “taking the feet out of the country when it was about to walk, while the country had distanced itself from the Grexit”.

He went so far as to claim that “never again had a prime minister brought so much bad in so little time”, adding that if there was a Guinness record for that he “would have swept it”.

“They are escaping because they are in a hurry to leave before the bills come, before the people feel the consequences of their inconsistency in his pocket”, he added.

“Greece can’t stand another instability and uncertainty, can’t stand more irresponsible persons playing the country in the dice; it takes honesty, understandings, consents and agreements between political forces”, Meimarakis said and added that “we helped whenever needed, we said ‘yes’ in the House and we converse with everyone”.

Regarding ND’s electoral campaign, he stressed that it is based on the fact that “MPs will give the battle to their constituency and that they will show discipline and speak with a single political voice, because it’s time to fight and in battle and we show discipline”.

“We begin a new battle and this battle we are obliged to win and we can win”, noted the president of ND, adding that “we owe it to our country because Greece can’t stand more instability […] can’t stand apprentices wizards, it need confidence and solid steps”.

Regarding the lists of candidates, he reiterated that it would be unethical and undemocratic for a person to interfere with the will of the voters of each county, so it will be tailored to the crosses that MPs had amassed in previous elections.

Furthermore, Meimarakis announced that Tuesday will be a large open meeting in Rigillis to symbolise the fact that ND starts from the roots.

He also asked for two debates, one with all the political leaders and one with Alexis Tsipras and any terms he wants.

Responding to criticism against him regarding the style with which he has expressed himself in recent days for the prime minister, the president of ND said: “I’m not fake as he is and I am not going to lie like him. I tell the truth with the New Democracy style, with the ethos that ND has taught me”.

Referring to the scene after the election, he stressed that political stability is needed, saying that we can’t have elections two or three times a year.

“ND must be first party, to have a central role in the formulation of policy, to run faster, to go stronger”, he said.