Meimarakis – Lafazanis ask for the convening of the council of political leaders

Meimarakis – Lafazanis ask for the convening of the council of political leaders

Athens, August 26, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The convening of the Council of Political Leaders after the end of the exploratory mandate procedure asked the president of New Democracy Vangelis Meimarakis, after meeting with the leader of the Popular Unity, Panagiotis Lafazanis.

The president of ND, commenting the official – as he called it – leakage, according to which  there won’t be a Council of Political Leaders, noted that he wants to publicly express the position of ND that “in line with the experts we have in ND and Constitutionalists, it is required by the Constitution to convene the meeting of political leaders and if some do not want to come their seat can be left vacant”.

At the same time, he stressed the need to have “a second meeting or can be done that day with a second agenda issue of whether we can agree on the issue of the caretaker government that if not the Constitution provides that the president of one of the three courts becomes prime minister and the party leader discuss and agree on the names of ministers together, so we could make the shift to the caretaker government”.

“Therefore, I would suggest that the Summit of Party Leader be convened under the President of the Republic, regardless if some do not come, and if they do not come there will at least be a discussion on the matter of the caretaker government, because it is in my opinion too serious with what government will the country go to elections”, Meimarakis concluded.

Regarding his meeting with the president of the PG of Popular Unity, he noted that “we had a long and constructive discussion, we know that we have very big differences” and acknowledged that “we are separated by an abyss, yet it doesn’t mean that we should stop discussing, that we should not have debates, that we should not be trying to find understanding and points of convergence”.

Lafazanis: New message to the President

“Our differences with ND are unbridgeable, but this meeting had to take place in order to perform my institutional role. The meeting was frank”, Lafazanis said in his own statements.

At the same time, he urged the Greek President to defend the Democracy and allow the Greek people to go to the polls as best informed as possible.

“The President can’t on his part lead to greater acceleration of the procedure. He can’t make a decision as a pawn of Maximos Mansion. He is the president of all Greeks and must allow for more time to fully inform Greek citizens about the consequences of the memorandum. He can’t set the election date earlier than September 27, it would be unacceptable and intolerable if he does. I turn to him and urge him to move according to the rules of democracy, so that the people can be better informed”.

Lafazanis also said that given the House is still open, it is possible to vote for the cancellation of the “feudal” bonus of 50 seats in the electoral Law.

“If my proposal is heard and it must be heard, we can go to elections with proportional representation for the unadulterated expression of the will of the Greek people. I did not get a reply from Maximos. I urge the prime minister to take a position, unless this is also in the requirements of the memorandum”.

Lafazanis continues his contacts in the context of the third and final exploratory mandate he received by President of the Republic.

Fofi Genimmata sent a letter to the PoR for the convening of the council of political leaders.

Earlier, Fofi Genimmata sent a letter to the President of the Republic requesting to convene the council of political leaders.

The president of PASOK notes that a non convening is unconstitutional and that the Constitution states that at in this meeting the inability to form a government becomes clear and there is discussion on proposals for the composition of the caretaker government.