Meeting Samaras-Venizelos for the ‘Baltakos’ case

Meeting Samaras-Venizelos for the ‘Baltakos’ case


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

A meeting at the Maximos Palace will be held at 10am Friday between the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, and Deputy Prime Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, in the wake of the turbulence caused by the Baltakos case.

Mr Venizelos, who returned from Brussels where he took part in the Europe – Africa congress, had a meeting yesterday night for a few minutes, with the German chancellor Angela Merkel, with whom he discussed the technical details of the recovery course of the greek economy, as well as the government plans for the return of Greece to the markets.

The German chancellor is expected to visit Athens next Friday, April 11.

On the agenda of the meeting between the prime minister and Mr Venizelos the issue that has arisen after the revelation of the dialogue Baltakos-Kasidiaris will clearly be put forth, as the latter has already called for a “purging of the far-Right elements within the government” and a “change in (the government’s) equilibrium”.

Investigations for the “Kasidiaris-Baltakos” video have began

The prosecution authorities have since yesterday started to investigate the conditions under which the video with the Baltakos-Kasidiaris conversation was recorded, after the mandate of the Head Prosecutor of the Court of Athens for an urgent investigation in every direction .

The prosecutor Calliope Dagianta, who took over the case, is investigating, in accordance to the public prosecutor’s request, the circumstances surrounding the recording of the conversation and in particular the events that preceded it, in order to elucidate unknown and unseen aspects of the case, which has caused a storm and in the Judiciary system. The prosecutor has already called for the central figure in the case, the resigned secretary general of the government, Panagiotis Baltakos, to testify next Monday, April 7.

While the prosecutor’s investigation has started since yesterday, within the Judiciary system, the reactions regarding the content of the Baltako-Kasidiaris conversation have not abated. Judges and prosecutors at all levels appear extremely annoyed and have expressed their anger at the whole thing, while the atmosphere in the Supreme Court was extremely “heavy”, with senior prosecutors and judges considering as unheard of, the things that were said in the video, in which the judiciary authorities appeared as if they were taking orders from ministers regarding the Dolden Dawn case.

The two special investigating judges, however, who are handling the heavy case file of the Golden Dawn (GD) case, seem determined regardless of the political climate and the heavy atmosphere, to continue their investigations by drafting indictments against the GD MPs for whom the Parliament has given permission for their immunity to be lifted.