Meeting of Agrokor suppliers and management ends after 45 min

Meeting of Agrokor suppliers and management ends after 45 min


A meeting of suppliers of the Agrokor Group and of the management of that troubled retail and food concern lasted 45 minutes on Monday, and participants in the meeting did not address the press afterwards.

Judging by licence plates of the vehicles in which suppliers drove to the meeting, the talks were attended by suppliers from all parts of Croatia, including representatives of Podravka, Vindija, Kras and Franck, as well as the president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Luka Burilovic.

It is estimated that Agrokor owes to suppliers approximately HRK 16 billion.

Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Martina Dalic said last Tuesday after a two-and-half-hour closed-door meeting with a score of suppliers that the government supports the suppliers of the Agrokor Group in their expectations of a clearer and more open communication with the Group and banks as well as in their expectations to be updated about and take part in processes such as restructuring and other business changes in that concern.

On Friday, Dalic  said that the government was preparing a legislative and institutional framework to offer assistance to companies important for the the country’s economy that are unable to duly service their obligations, with the aim of maintaining the stability of the national economy.

“Prompted by the latest developments surrounding Agrokor, but by no means limiting ourselves to that case alone, and having in mind the fact that there are also other companies in Croatia that can trigger off risks for the entire economic system, the government is intensively working on preparing a legislative and institutional framework the purpose of which is to protect the stability of the entire Croatian economy in situations where companies vital for the economic system are unable to deal with their problems on their own,” Dalic told a press conference.

Dalic stressed that the bill was not being prepared specifically for Agrokor or its owner Ivica Todoric, reiterating that the responsibility for addressing the current difficulties in Agrokor lay with the management and owner of that food and retail group, and that a solution should be found for the sake of 40,000 Agrokor employees in Croatia and some 5,000 supplier companies doing business with Agrokor./IBNA