Meeting of ministers initiate solutions

Meeting of ministers initiate solutions

Sarajevo, December 14, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

BiH Minister of Security, Dragan Mektic, and director of State investigation and protection agency (SIPA), Perica Stanic, held on Sunday late afternoon the meeting in Banja Luka with RS Minister of interior, Dragan Lukac, and director of RS police, Gojko Vasic, as an attempt to ease the tension that was raised in the last few days since SIPA officers searched the building of RS police in Novi Grad.

This incident caused the sharp reaction from all institutions in RS, and the entity Government decided to break all links with state judiciary institutions and police agencies on state level. This decision was confirmed by RS National Assembly, on an urgent session and without the presence of opposition parties MPs. Counter reaction was also sharp because all major international community organisations in BiH condemned this decision of RS ruling parties. One of the demands from RS side was to compliment existing agreement between RS Interior Ministry and SIPA and, in the short statement issued after the meeting, participants said that it is agreed to be done in the shortest possible time.

On Monday, RS Government announced that this meeting and conclusions have its full support. These activities, as RS Government said, are aimed to re-establishing cooperation of RS institutions with SIPA, in line with the valid legislation, respecting the constitutional structure of BiH and RS Interior Ministry competences.

“The RS Government ordered the RS Interior Ministry, on Monday, to immediately start putting finishing touches on the agreement on cooperation and coordination with SIPA, said the Government in its announcement.

There is no problem with this meeting except from one big thing: The RS minister agreed to continue cooperation with SIPA without consultations with the RS PM or somebody else from entity Government. This institution sent its agreement one day after the meeting, in which the RS NA also put the signature on the decision about break of links with state institutions, didn’t give its agreement on this. What will the future bring, at this moment nobody knows.

But, it is interesting that just a small number of media reported about illegal Lukac activities. Maybe because, like in a lot of previous cases, one Banja Luka TV station made a classic media diversion of attention. This time, one of the news in central informative program was the “NLO which appeared in pictures taken by cell phone in the village of Prijakovci, near Banja Luka”. All media reported about NLO and just a small number of them reported Lukac’s activities.