Media monitoring results on LGBTIQ population issues published

Media monitoring results on LGBTIQ population issues published

The results of media monitoring on the issues concerning the LGBTIQ population were presented today at a workshop in Sarajevo on “Media Reporting on LGBTIQ Topics”.

According to the monitoring, there were 631 positively evaluated reports, which are 56 percent, 287 negative or 25 percent, and 209 neutral, or 19 percent.

The analysis covers 1,127 media reports and articles collected by the Media Monitoring Agency ‘Parameter’ from August 12 to September 22.

According to FENA Agency report, the analysed media reports were recorded in seven dailies, four weekly newspapers, 14 television outlets (central news programs and content on websites) and 30 internet portals.

Speaking about the importance of this and similar workshops, Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism/Communication Studies at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, Belma Buljubašić said that their importance is reflected in the need to draw attention to the rights of the LGBTIQ population in BiH.

“It is important that we try to work on raising public awareness since we know that we are a very patriarchal society and that these topics still represent a taboo for us,” Buljubašić said.

She believes that there have also been positive occurrences, as evidenced by the holding of the Pride March in Sarajevo, adding that a significant number of media outlets did their job professionally.

The workshop focused on how the media should professionally report on the issues that concern the LGBTIQ population, why they are important in promoting human rights, how to combat hate speech and additional guidelines on how to approach the topic professionally.

Citizens’ association ‘New Idea RS 2030’, which organized the workshop, is a non-governmental organization whose goal is to present to the public new ideas for the future in the fields of economy, rule of law, political system, cultural values ​​and paradigm shift in our society in general./ibna