Mayor of Tirana accused of 7 counts

Mayor of Tirana accused of 7 counts

Tirana, 6 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

A group of municipality councilors in Tirana City Hall have pressed criminal charges today against the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj.

The councilors have formulated seven criminal charges against Mr. Veliaj: “Abuse in the line of duty”, “Abuse of powers”, “Unlawful employment”, Failure to take adequate measures to put an end to unlawfulness”, “Abuse of contributions given by the state”, “Unlawful interests’ gain” and “Violation of the equality of participants in tenders or auctions”.

The charges have been deposited today at the Prosecution of Tirana. Ervin Salianji, who leads the group of councilors in this legal incentive, says that the mayor has committed seven criminal offenses as a result of which, the 17 year old Ardit Gjoklaj lost his life a month ago in the Sharra Landfill, in the suburbs of Tirana.

The charges are based on the fact that the municipality established “Eco Tirana” company with the participation of the Municipality of Tirana as a shareholder, to manage, collect, clean, trade and recycle the urban wastes in the Municipality of Tirana for a period of 25 years.

Legal experts in the group of councilors say that the establishment of “Eco Tirana” company has been made with many legal breaches by Veliaj.

Everything comes as a result of the fact that during the course of Eco Tirana’s activity, last month, during the night shift, Ardit Gjoklaj found death in the Landfill of Sharra. The investigation discovered that the victim was uninsured by the private company, which carried out the recycling activity, contracted by the municipality of Tirana. /