Maximos Mansion to Juncker: We have tabled a six-point proposal and await your comments

Maximos Mansion to Juncker: We have tabled a six-point proposal and await your comments

Athens, June 8, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The Greek government revealed its version of the story in a text released today (through informal briefing) on the progress of negotiations, while at the same time, it “answers” to Jean-Claude Juncker, who said that he calls on the government to counter the proposal of the lenders. At the same time, the Government argues that there is no time limit in the negotiations.

The six observations of the government in detail:

  1. After the debate the day before yesterday in the House, it is clear that for Greece the proposal of the three institutions cannot be accepted in its entirety. No party in the House has said or even hinted that it may accepted this text as a whole.
  2. The Greek government has, as we know, officially filed since last Monday, to institutions a realistic and viable proposal both for the necessary budgetary measures and structural reforms it intends to implement, as well as for the crucial issue of debt sustainability, whose solution is a prerequisite for a sustainable agreement.
  3. The Greek government after filing its proposal – which also reflects the common ground of the negotiation process that was completed in the BG – awaits with interest the comments of institutions on its proposal and is ready to continue from here on, attempting further convergence on a political level.
  4. The three leaders, Al. Tsipras, A. Merkel and Fr. Hollande will meet, in any case, in the upcoming summit in Brussels next Wednesday.
  5. The Greek side does not usually sets a time limit on the negotiations. As was stated by the Prime Minister in Parliament, the only limit of the government is achieving a socially just and economically viable solution, able to pull the country out of crisis and give perspective on the economy and dignity to the Greek people.
  6. The Greek people will support with determination and calmness the national negotiation, while the Greek government will negotiate with courage and responsibility, and its righteous goals will become more attainable.

Juncker annoyed by Tsipras

His strong opposition to Greece’s exit from the euro reiterated Jean-Claude Juncker, according to Reuters. However, recognizing the difficulty of the situation and the negotiation, added that he can’t pull a rabbit from his hat to prevent such a development.

The Commission President also called on Athens to swiftly table its alternative proposals to be discussed with Alexis Tsipras this week in Brussels. At the same time, asked on the existence or not of a deadline for an agreement with Greece, Juncker said, “there will certainly be a deadline”, without however specifying when.

According to the Dow Jones Newswires, Juncker is “slightly disappointed” by the speech of Alexis Tsipras in the Greek parliament. “Mr. Tsipras Wednesday was not ready to negotiate”, said the European official, noting that Greece’s creditors are still waiting for a Greek alternative.

Among other things, he noted that “he could” meet with the Greek Prime Minister next Wednesday, but this will depend on whether the Greek side will present a proposal, “preferably” in advance. Meanwhile, he confirmed that he refused to accept the call of Tsipras on Saturday, due to the lack of progress in the negotiations.