Massive mobilization to help Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Massive mobilization to help Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

IBNA Special Report

Skopje, May 19, 2013/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

A massive mobilization has started in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in order to help Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were affected by the heavy floods.

This aid incentive is also being led by institutions through an emergency committee, but also by the Red Cross.

The Red Cross in Skopje says that the aid that was collected consists of 20 tons of food, 10 tons of hygienic equipment, 60 thousand liters of water, 1 thousand blankets, 1 ton of baby food, 3 tons of milk, 10 tons of clothes, 1 thousand pair of shoes.

“This aid will be dispatched immediately. Other aids will continue to be collected in the months to come. On Wednesday, we expected the departure of several other lorries loaded with aids. We appeal for the citizens to show their solidarity with this natural disgrace which has affected the two countries”, said the spokeswoman of the Red Cross in FYROM, Majlina Mustafa for IBNa.

Different humanitarian activities for the collection of aid are taking place in several cities. Several collecting points have opened upon the incentive of non government organizations.

Bottled water, beverages, conserved food and clothes are some of the articles mostly demanded.

“Today I’m here to help the victims of the floods, because we know what happened 63 years ago, when an earthquake struck Skopje. I came to offer my share of contribution in the organization. I’ve brought water and toilet paper”, says Sveltana S, a pensioner from Skopje.

Organizers of the civil incentive to help Serbia and Bosnia, said that they were happy with the interest that was shown.

“There’s massive participation and this is a good thing. We should also receive aid from other cities”, says Eli Janevska from the civil incentive for the collection of aids.

These activities are also being followed by diplomats of the countries whose countries were affected by the floods. Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zdravko Begovic has greeted citizens in the square of Skopje, where aids brought by people are being collected under a tent.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Macedonia and Skopje, who responded to the calls for help. I’m impressed by the number of participants”, declared for IBNA, ambassador Begovic.

Activities are also being held by government institutions. On Sunday, the government sent rescuing boats, blankets and other technical equipment for the Serb and Bosnian authorities.

In order to aid the flooded countries, ministry of Interior has sent yesterday (Sunday) a contingent of “Tigers” special unit to Serbia.

“Their destination is Belgrade and depending on the needs and instructions of the local crisis staff, they will be ready to act within their reach”, says the minister of Interior, Gordana Jankulovska.

Humanitarian activities are also continuing in other forms, through open phone lines. Yesterday alone, around 10 thousand Euros were collected through donations given by citizens through cellular phone services. /ibna/