Massive hacker attacks in Turkey

Massive hacker attacks in Turkey


By Christos T. Panagopoulos

The Turkish hacker group “Redhack” have claimed on Friday full responsibility about the cyber-attacks into the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration’s website, writing off the debts of most of the public institutions.

According to the daily “Hürriyet”, the Redhack tweeted they had cleared the electricity, internet connection, water, natural gas and phone debts of most of the public institutions to the state.

But the hackers didn’t stop there: they established several fake public institutions in the name of the deceased during the recent bloody protests at the Gezi Park in Istanbul. Also, a fake school was founded with the name “Abdullah Cömert Elementary School,” referring to the protester who was killed in Turkey’s eastern Hatay on June 3 during clashes with the police.


A response from the Turkish authorities was direct, shutting out the website for any further hacker attack.

Source: Hürriyet