Marking the Day of B&H Armed Forces

Marking the Day of B&H Armed Forces


By Maja Tuljković – Sarajevo

The eight anniversary of the B&H Armed Forces is marked on 1 December. On this occassion, today in the barracks in Rajlovac near Sarajevo, a ceremony lineup of the commnads and units of the B&H Armed Forces took place.

In his address, Chairman of the B&H Presidency Željko Komšić said that citizens in B&H have a reason to be proud of the B&H Armed Forces, especially when they consider the circumstances as they arose, because in the beginning there were three armies. They fulfill orders and commands of civilian command, which is a pillar of democracy.

”The B&H Armed Forces are one of the best segments of B&H society and institutions. It would be good for other institutions to look up to them and adopt their strict criteria, which would make things in B&H better. The B&H Armed Forces are proof that working under the laws and B&H Constitution is possible and that we can respect one another”, said Chairman Komšić. Also, the Chairman of the Presidency said that the Army serves the country and the people and is not an end in itself.

Chief of the Joint Staff of the B&H Armed Forces Ante Jeleč said that the B&H Armed Forces became a desirable and acceptable partner when it comes to solving problems. He recalled that the Armed Forces made an outstanding contribution in the training process and adopted standards of NATo when it comes to training.

”The B&H Armed Forces have the support of the state and institutions of B&H. Not looking at the limited resources at our disposal, we lend assistance to civil structures in B&H”, said Chief of Staff Jeleč.

In his address to the commands and units of the B&H Armed Forces, the B&H Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić congratulated the anniversary of the Armed Forces and said that 2013 is finishing with success for the Armed Forces and for the B&H Ministry of Defense.

”The fires in Jablanica, Konjic, the area around Doboj and the fire in the hospital in Bihać this summer definitely showed that the B&H Armed Forces are necessary. They are necessary in terms of when a natural disaster is on the horizon”, said Minister Osmić.

On the occassion of marking 1 December, the Day of B&H Armed Forces, a reception for members of the Ministry of Defense and the B&H Armed Forces was held yesterday in the B&H House of the Armed Forces, where the most successful individuals from the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces were given special recognition and praise.

Tonight in the B&H House of the Armed Forces a solemn academy will be held, where the highest representatives of the governemnt of B&H will attend, as well as representatives of the cultural and public life, representatives of international organizations in B&H and retired generals of the B&H Armed Forces.