Marine Le Pen: We are hoping for a victory of SYRIZA

Marine Le Pen: We are hoping for a victory of SYRIZA

Athens, January 21, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Strong reactions have been caused by the, admittedly unexpected, statement of support for SYRIZA, which sent through the newspaper «Le Monde» the head of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, who noted that there is no contradiction in supporting the “far left”, since in this way, in her opinion, is strengthened the Eurosceptic current in Europe.

“I hope for a victory of SYRIZA… I’m pretty consistent (in what I say). This does not make me a follower of the far-Left. We do not agree with the whole program (SYRIZA), particularly in regard to immigration. But we will be happy with the victory”, says Le Pen, explaining that a rift is being created in Europe, with peoples starting to take their fate in their own hands, against the “absolutism” of Brussels and their “accomplices”, the financial markets .

Le Pen’s argument is that a SYRIZA victory would strengthen the camp of Eurosceptics, although SYRIZA says it wants to keep Greece in the euro. This is therefore a “strategic” move of support for this opposing political group and “should not be generalised,” writes Monde, bringing for example the fact that in Spain, Le Pen has expressed the wish that a portion of the ruling right, shows courage, avoiding the full support of the EU.

According to the publication, the statement of support for Marine Le Pen to SYRIZA, gives her once again, the opportunity “to shuffle the cards and blur the political circumstances, keeping distances from the Golden Dawn. Besides, as she points out, in countries like Spain and the Greece, “where there is no party analogue to the National Front, the far left, takes our place”.

However, as the Monde states, «there is nothing innocent in the fact that Le Pen gives absolution to the far left. It is a further element in its strategy to de-demonize (her party). Because the greater the confusion, the harder it is to address the National Front for what they really are, namely a far-right party”, the newspaper writes.

ND: Le Pen is Tsipras’ only ally

Severe attack on SYRIZA unleashed ND, in regard to the declaration of support from Marine Le Pen, stressing that “in Europe everyone knows that Mr. Tsipras will lead our country in isolation”.

“Mr. Tsipras found his only ally in Europe in the face of Le Pen. His far-right ally, with her statement in Le Monde says that “we want a victory of SYRIZA, because in essence it would strengthen the camp of Eurosceptics”! Mr. Tsipras is the accident that will never happen in Greece! “, says the announcement of the New Democracy.

PASOK: We hope SYRIZA refuse the far-right support

The hope that SYRIZA refuse the support of the French far-right party, expressed the spokesman of PASOK, Eva Kaili, commenting on the statement of Marine Le Pen:

“And we hope SYRIZA refuse the support this far-right party. Avoiding thus, its inclusion in the parties which are a threat to the European family and the democratic rights of citizens”, said the statement of Eva Kaili.

SYRIZA: Our own rise is a dike to the far right

“We do not accept criticism from the party of Mr. Baltakou and Mr. Voridis”, SYRIZA’s press office says in a statement immediately after the strong reaction of ND in the declaration of support by Marine Le Pen.

“The rise of SYRIZA and the progressive forces in Europe is a dike to the far right that is represented by Le Pen, but also a message and defence of democracy from its enemies. We do not accept criticism from the party of Mr. Mpaltakos and Mr. Voridis. Much more when extreme austerity policies lay the ground for the rise of the far right”, the statement says.

DIMAR: The political change in Greece should not empower eurosceptics

“The political change in Greece must not mark and will not mark the strengthening of the forces of Euroscepticism. The only hopeful prospect is the fight for a Europe of solidarity and balanced development through its political democratic consolidation”, the Democratic Left stresses in its statement.