Mardas: No elections are needed

Mardas: No elections are needed

Athens, August 18, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“The big dilemma with everyone in government is this: To be okay with our conscience or to serve the community and the interests of this country?”, said Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas, describing on SKAI television how has the situation developed after the agreement with lenders.

Mardas stressed that the government did not surrender without a fight and argued that “the policy SYRIZA proposed can be applied, provided a set of self-evident measures to be implemented and kick-start restart the economy”.

For the possibility of holding early elections he said that “they are not necessary”.

Flabouraris: A shame for the government to fall

“The entire team of SYRIZA thinks what is the best that can be done and certainly none of them would vote against a government of the Left, which was forced to proceed with implementing certain measures”, said State Minister Alekos Flabouraris on SKAI television.

Flabouraris stresses that “it is unfair this government to fall by its own MPs”.

He stressed that he would like all 162 companions to give a vote of confidence to the government. If this happens, “it is not necessary to go to elections”, he notes.