Map of terrorism threat, Albania’s threat below average

Map of terrorism threat, Albania’s threat below average

Tirana, 29 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

The recently conceived map in London and published by British media, shows the countries which are most threatened by terrorist attacks, inspired by the events of the recent days.

Data from the British Foreign Office have been used for this map, which ranks states based on advices as to where people can travel and according to levels: high, average, below average and low.

Based on these data, Albania doesn’t rank at high and concerning levels, but the threat is there, given that a terror level 2 is attached to it and this level is considered to be below average.

In the Balkans, Albania is at the same level as Montenegro and Serbia, while Greece, Croatia and FYR Macedonia are the most threatened ones.

The most threatened countries are Turkey, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Northern African countries, etc. /ibna/