Manufacturers in Kosovo are yet to see the effects of SAA

Manufacturers in Kosovo are yet to see the effects of SAA

Pristina, 31 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The signing of the Stabilization Association Agreement (SAA) between Kosovo and the European Union is not yielding the necessary results in the growth of exports for domestic products.

Ibrahim Rexhepi, head of STRASS Institute, says that commercial exchanges are still minimal, therefore the situation continues to be difficult for producers.

The same concern is also shared by manufacturers in Kosovo. They say that so far, they haven’t seen any effects of this agreement.

“We haven’t seen any effects as far as SAA is concerned”, says Ernest Jusufi, managing director of the Kosovo brand, “Birra Peja”.

He says that there’s an increase in countries such as Albania and Montenegro. He says that this brand exports to Greece, Switzerland and Germany, but says that “these commercial exchanges have been existing even before the SAA”.

SAA mutually guarantees the movement of goods and services between Kosovo and the European Union. Experts say that the results of this agreement will only be seen when Kosovo manufacturers will be able to apply European standards for quality products.

In June, exports toward EU countries were 6,5 million euros or 21,5% of general exports, with a drop of 38,6%.

Kosovo imports were 105,4 million euros or 42,7% of general imports, with an increase of 4,3%. /