Manuel Valls: Greece is Europe

Manuel Valls: Greece is Europe

Athens, July 9, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls argues that the proposals of the Greek side is “balanced” and “positive”.

The proposals submitted today (yesterday) by the Government of Greece to the European partners are “balanced” and “positive”, stated today the Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls.

“I would like to say here that this request, this letter is balanced, positive. It is evidence of a real will to move forward and implement reforms”, ​​said Manuel Valls before the French parliamentary and welcomed “an important step that allows to have a dialogue”.

European leaders are hoping that a new deal will be agreed with Greece at the final hour, before Sunday, so that the country remains in the eurozone and Valls said that the French National Assembly should approve the deal by voting. French President Francois Hollande has already announced that he will “consult” the French parliament.

“If agreed, the National Assembly will be placed on a vote” on it, Valls said, a placement that was welcomed by many MPs.

The French Prime Minister also spoke again in favor of Greece staying in the eurozone, which is, as he noted, “a geopolitical stake of utmost importance”.

The Greeks with their vote did not say no to Europe and we must support their choice, Valls said and underlined that “Greece does not want to come out of Europe. France does everything for the solution, we must find common solutions”.

“The stay of Greece to the euro and the European Union is also a geostrategic and geopolitical stake of utmost importance”, Valls noted, referring to “the relations (Greece) with Turkey”, “ties with Russia, the Orthodox world” and the issue of migration in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Manuel Valls also noted that Greece’s exit from the euro zone would have “dire” consequences for the Greek people.

The deal is possible and necessary, said Valls, while stressing that there must be a prospect for the debt.

“An exit would be a serious blow: the collapse in revenues, the explosive increase in import costs, including basic necessities, the social and political consequences for public order cannot be predicted by anyone. Is this what we want for the Greek people? Is this the image we want to give to the world for Europe? No! In any case, this is not the position of France”, stressed the French Prime Minister, stressing that “we will not tolerate Greece leaving Europe”.

Manuel Valls also called on the Greek government to be there in the “rendezvous with history and European history”.

The “foundations for a comprehensive agreement” are in three elements: “necessary and detailed reforms” for “the modernization and restoration of the economy”, creating a “state that truly works”, “means of financing development in Greece” and even “a particular perspective to address the debt” which, as he pointed out, is not “taboo”.

France is neither “controlled by Germany” nor is “showing favor to the government of Alexis Tsipras”, said Prime Minister Valls and added that Paris mobilizes for Greece to remain in Euro because “it is in our interest”.