Majority’s and opposition’s expectations from the debate on demarcation

Majority’s and opposition’s expectations from the debate on demarcation

Pristina, 29 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

On 3 August, parliament of Kosovo will hold a public debate on the issue of demarcation with Montenegro. This round table will see the participation of MPs and representatives of civil society.

In this debate, opposition parties are expecting for opposition MPs to be persuaded that the agreement in question threatens Kosovo’s territorial integrity. Meanwhile, the majority says that border demarcation is a state and international obligation.

Although he considers it delayed, the head of AAK’s parliamentary group, Pal Lekaj says that he praises the meeting which will compare facts on the border demarcation with Montenegro.

Lekaj accuses the government of contacting the Montenegrin commission to secure an answer to any dilemma that the opposition may raise along with other participants of the meeting.

“The worst part is that we have information that some of the arguments (scientific and topographic materials) have recently disappeared. Someone from the government and commission have been assisted by the Montenegrin commission in order to have an answer for each dilemma that we have raised. This is sad”, he says.

Meanwhile, Self Determination Movement says that it doesn’t expect the government to take these facts into account, therefore it is preparing an intensive resistance.

“We are not expecting the government and speaker of Parliament to take these facts into account, therefore we will hold intensive resistance if this agreement is not amended”, says the largest opposition party in relation to the expectations from the 3 August meeting.

Speaker of Parliament, Kadri Veseli says that a unified stance must be achieved in relation to this issue.

“We are an independent and sovereign state. We have obligations on the issue of demarcation. It is a very strategic issue which strengthens our sovereignty and state identity. We must move forward in this process”, Veseli says.

He says that the government of Kosovo is determined not to allow even a square meter of land not to be taken from Kosovo.

“We must finalize the demarcation of border with neighboring countries that have recognized us. We must preserve these good relations with all of our neighboring countries and strengthen relations with the international community”, Veseli said. /