Majority refuses the request for an international investigation of the suspected “CEZ” affair

Majority refuses the request for an international investigation of the suspected “CEZ” affair

Tirana, 1 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

With 50 votes against, 50 votes in favor and 12 abstains, parliament voted today against the request of the Albanian opposition to pass a request through a fast track procedure, which aimed at conducting an international investigation about the suspected affair concerning the Czech company CEZ.

The votes against of the Socialist Party were announced yesterday by the socialist leader and PM Edi Rama, who said that Albania has its own laws and the country is aspiring to become an EU member, therefore he’s not in favor of legal incentives that aim to involve international institutions in investigating suspicions on corruption affairs.

The leader of the socialist parliamentary group, Gramoz Ruci, former minister of Interior, said today that socialist MPs do not support the opposition’s request for international investigation of the CEZ cases through a fast tracked procedure.

The incentive was not even backed by Socialist Movement for Integration MPs, the second largest political force of the left wing majority.

The fact that the SMI didn’t vote in favor prompted debates, because up until today, the leader of this party, Ilir Meta, who is also speaker of Parliament, was in favor of the opposition’s incentive.

Meta declared that SMI would vote in favor of the request which aimed the investigation, if he was involved in a corruption affair with the Czech company CEZ.

Before the voting took place, the vice chairman of SMI, Ylli Manjani demanded from the head of the SP, Rama to publicly express his stance on the request of the opposition backed by Meta for an international investigation on CEZ.

The international investigation on CEZ was demanded by the opposition, as the media threw suspicions for the existence of a corruption affair amounting to several hundred millions of euros and one which involved senior officials.

The opposition accuses parliamentary speaker, Ilir Meta of being involved in this affair. He denied all the accusations and said that he was ready to vote the DP incentive for an international inquiry. A few moments ago, the left wing coalition voted down this fast tracked bill in parliament. /ibna/