“Made in Kosovo” products presented in Austria

“Made in Kosovo” products presented in Austria

Pristina, November 25, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Traditional project “Weeks of Kosovar Business 2014”, “I consume domestic products, what about you?” organized by Kosovo Business Alliance, has continued to promote products made in Kosovo in Austria.

Head of KBA and National Chamber of Commerce, Agim Shahini, has declared that this project, started on November 15, will end on November 28.

He said that this project has started in Kosovo, then moved to Albania, FYROM, Presevo Valley, Montenegro, Turkey, Slovenia and Austria.

“This activity is taking place in the framework of the end of the year holidays, in order to promote products made in Kosovo in the countries where Albanians live and work. Here, we have brought to consumers quality products made in Kosovo, in order to make domestic economy grow and to stop the outflow of money abroad, which are seriously damaging the economy of Kosovo”, said Shahini.

According to him, Albanian Diaspora is being known more and more with these products which were made in Kosovo. “Diaspora’s money that come to Kosovo must support Kosovo and not move abroad. We invite the Albanian Diaspora, not only here in Austria, but in all countries, to come and invest in Kosovo. The country invites you to come to Kosovo and develop its economy”, said Shahini.

According to him, Kosovo is interested to have investments from the Diaspora and this would have an impact in the development of the state, economic growth, improvement of living standards and reduction of unemployment and poverty.

On the other hand, Ibrahim Makolli, acting minister for the Diaspora, has considered this project as very important.

“We support the incentives for the Diaspora, especially those that aim the economic development of Kosovo. The Diaspora is ready to cooperate, especially in driving capital to Kosovo”, said Makolli.

Meanwhile, Enver Ferizaj, head of the Albanian Agri-business Committee has demanded from the Diaspora to invest in Albanian lands, which have unexploited potentials.

Present in this ceremony were also the mayor of Linz, representatives of Austrian Chamber of Commerce and over 300 Albanians belonging to different domains, who live and work in this region.

The delegation has also held the activity called “Lama’s Dinner” with domestic products and also held a number of meetings with the Diaspora, which has welcomed products made in Kosovo. /ibna/