Macedonia needs a new revival

Macedonia needs a new revival

We know who will start the negotiations with the European Union and who will lead and reach the most difficult stages of the chapters that measure the success of the reforms. It will be the teams and institutions led by this government. But, until the final signature for regular EU membership is put in place, many governments and parliamentary constitutions will change. I do not know how much time is needed for the impatient, who are always keen to return to power, to realize this high probability, but should finally realize, if there is still an ounce of reason left in the minds of the opposition party leaders, to urge the citizens to come out in a referendum and seal the European future of Macedonia.

They will be deleted from Macedonia’s political map erga omnes, if they are not participants in the most important historical event since the independence of Macedonia to this day, and according to some historical parameters from ASNOM to date. The referendum with over 90 percent of “in favor” for Europe and unanimous constitutional changes in parliament are Macedonia’s entry into NATO and the EU, the two largest political, economic and military alliances in the world. It is the biggest guarantee for a safe and prosperous future. There isn’t a better one.

The opposition’s hard work is done by someone else, and even the most difficult in carrying out the hard and painful reform processes will also be done by someone else, and then, if they have a bit wisdom and political pragmatism, will take all credit for signing the agreement for equal membership with the EU in Brussels. Usually, those who carry out the reforms lose the elections. But in order to come to this, it is necessary in parallel with the reforms listed in the Brussels chapters, to start a new great revival in Macedonia, a cultural, civilization and social revolution to fight against backwardness, primitivism, provincialism, populism and superstition. In our country, prime ministers, presidents and ministers, judges and university professors go to witchdoctors and fortunetellers to predict their destiny and future. It’s understandable when they do not have as much vision as the witchdoctors. Prime ministers and ministers go to church to see how the icons are shedding tears in order to deceive the people that the Lord sends them a message, not that the cleaning lady poured too much water when washing the floors that the evaporation made the saints cry, saddened by the backwardness of Biblical Macedonia. The highest church dignitaries attended, praising this superstition, which for centuries was considered the greatest enemy of faith and insult to true believers, even in Orthodox Christianity. The president of the state promotes the hole of St. Paul near Paljurci as a village tourist guide. The Huns from below the Himalayas, our ancient admirers, were declared as our descendants, they renounced their Slavic origin, the foundation of the Macedonian nation… How can we be talking about Europe with this rope around the neck?
The listing of primitivism and simplicity, whose dirt in these 27 years of independence is larger than high level of the bleak waters of Vardar, cannot be gathered even in the thousands of books that lie in the sculptures on the publishers’ basements, for which the Gruevski regime spent millions of euros enlightening the nation. Poor thing, he still has not learned that there is no enlightenment in darkness, by stealing and tyranny, yet only with freedom and hard work. Therefore, however important, reforms in the judiciary and the rule of law are not enough, as well as the prosecution of organized crime and corruption, who still manage to delay justice through unreasonably long trials. The administrative reforms, the secret police services and the entire police, and the tectonic changes in education, health, agriculture, the economy and the complete social system that is based on factory mistakes are not enough. General overhaul is necessary after heavy crashes. A lot of work lies ahead where there is room for everyone who wants to put at least one stone in the foundations for the future of Macedonia. Complaining and screaming about the content of the deal with Greece is a waste of time that just inflicts great damage. These are empty and unnecessary crybabies that offer no solution other than a bad loser’s mood. These anachronous quasi-patriotic ramblings should be ignored because they destroy the day and hide the horizon, and pollute the human environment.

How many times have you been surprised and said: When did the year pass by? Time flies in the blink of an eye. But this is not always the case, sometimes hours and days seem like years, and months like decades. You are wondering, let’s clear whether it’s too long or not that long that we have to wait for another 11 months, so we can start the negotiations with the EU. After 27 years of wasting time in the Balkan inn and 11 years of life under a regime, one year seems as a space velocity. Viewed from that angle of achieving the strategic commitments as the most important ones, such as NATO and EU membership, for which there is a general consensus in the country since the first day of independence, another year is really like an eye twitch.

Fears do not come from time for the sincere supporters of the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia, but from the uncertainty of whether we will complete the work and homework, whether the opponents that do not see Macedonia in NATO and the EU, at home and abroad, will not cause unrest and a new political , security and economic crisis.

Regardless of the uncertainty, the difficult days and the great work that are ahead, there are many reasons to be optimistic and satisfied with the latest decisions of Brussels. First, very clearly and without any room for any dilemmas, different interpretations and manipulations have been announced that Macedonia will not only immediately receive the NATO invitation but as soon as the ratification of the decision in the NATO member states is completed, usually not longer than one year, will become a regular member of the alliance. After all these information and facts can one expect a turn in the relations between the political parties from the government and the opposition and the president of the state, after the announced invitation for NATO membership and after the announcement that next year Macedonia starts the negotiations with the EU? If it is true that everyone has the same goal as they claim, both the government and the opposition and the president of the state, that all of them are for the EU and NATO, even more than the current government, then there should be no big problems. Obviously somebody is lying that the campaign of the opposition and the president is damaging and extremely hostile towards Europe and NATO. For more than 27 years, we were lied to that we can join both NATO and the EU without compromise and without constitutional changes. It is not unusual for us to find out that we were deceived. And, now, they sell us the same story again. In this ambience of lies, hatred and chauvinism, it would unreasonable to expect that the opposition understood the historical dimension of the events. The good news is that the referendum will defeat them and put them in their place. Macedonia has moved forward with this burden and with just a one-way ticket. Either it will reach the goal, or die trying. There is no going back.

Erol Rizaov