M. Schulz: “Turkey should stay on European track”

M. Schulz: “Turkey should stay on European track”


By Kyriacos Kyriacou-Nicosia

Progress was made in the peace talks between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot sides to unify Cyprus as well as growth, jobs and competitiveness were the main topics of President Anastasiades’ meetings with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz. Nicos Anastasiades who returned to Cyprus today, expressed his total satisfaction for the meetings he had yesterday with Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz, saying that his positions especially on EU`s role on the Cyprus issue were well understood. The Cyprus issue was the main topic on both meetings.

President`s meeting with Junker lasted one hour, during which they discussed matters of the European Commission, the problem of staffing the key positions in the EU institutions, and the statements of the new President on growth, jobs and competitiveness.

“I briefed (Junker) extensively on current issues regarding the intercommunal dialogue to find a lasting and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem,” said President Anastasiades, expressing his satisfaction with the meeting.

“I can see that there is understanding on issues that has to do with principled positions and especially on the issue that we are interested the most, which is the EU`s involvement in the ongoing dialogue to ensure that the solution meets the acquis communautaire, protects human rights, and respects the principles and values of the EU, ” Anastasiades, pointed out.

“Creative climate”

He also said that the meeting with EP President Martin Schulz, was held in “a perfectly friendly and creative climate.” “I briefed Mr. Schultz on the results of the intercommunal dialogue so far, but also the difficulties he have, and of course I repeated what I have said to Mr Juncker on the need of EU involvement and safeguarding all these that the EU wants to be implemented by the Member States, “he said.

“I am totally satisfied with the meetings and the understanding we found. We will be in constant contact to see how we can creatively exploit the EU to the efforts of finding a solution to the Cyprus problem,” he concluded.

Anastasiades and Schulz meeting was followed by a joint press statements. Schultz thanked the President for the constructive exchange of views and assured Anastasiades that he has the full support of the he EP for the resumption of talks on the Cyprus issue.

Turkey should stay on European track”

Schultz noted that there was convergence of views on the next steps and that the EU needs a constructive relationship with Turkey not only on Cyprus, but also for other international issues. He also called on Turkey to stay on its European track.
He pointed out that the EU has a strong interest and supports President Anastasiades in finding a solution, a position as he said that is shared by the vast majority of the EP members. He added that the EP supports the commitment of President`s Anastasiades and his government for a constructive solution in the coming months.

Schultz said that what he could do as President of the Parliament is to have a dialogue with his friends on the island and to encourage them in a strategy aimed at a constructive solution. President Anastasiades, congratulated Schultz for his re-election and the victory of Germany in the World Cup in Brazil, expressing his gratitude for the sincere concern of President Schulz on Cyprus, for his efforts and his constructive and supportive attitude for a viable solution.He also said that he was absolutely committed to working hard for a solution aiming at the reunification of Cyprus.