Lute’s mission the time of truth for the Cyprus Issue, says Cypriot FM

Lute’s mission the time of truth for the Cyprus Issue, says Cypriot FM

Cypriot Foreign Minister, Nicos Christodoulides, spoke today on the morning program “Radio Route” of the Third Radio Program RIK,for the separate meetings with EU High Representative Ms Federica Mogherini and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in Brussels, the engagement in the Cyprus process of UN Secretary-General Special Adviser in Cyprus, Jane Holl Lute, and the role of the Security Council and France on the resumption of negotiations and on the opening of the Deryneia checkpoint.

Asked about the result of the meeting with Mrs Mogherini, the FM said that “the meetings with MsMogerini and the French Foreign Minister have as their main objective the more active engagement of the European player in this endeavor, that starts with Ms Lute’s mission, so that we can actually be led to resuming of talks from where we had left off in Crans Montana. The second thing is this attempt to have a positive result.

France, with Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), is currently the only EU member state that is also a member of the UN Security Council. So we are talking about a matter for the EU, and in this context we are calling for a more active involvement of France.

Mrs Mogherini will be the last to meet Mrs. Lut, having met with all the other interested parties. After Cyprus, she is most likely to travel to Turkey, Greece and the UK, and will finish her meetings in Brussels. …the overall briefing to the UN Secretary-General will be made after the meeting with Mrs Mogherini in the first ten days of September. On the basis of this briefing, the UN Secretary-General will also make his decisions. We believe that, considering the discussions in Crans Montana and the points of disagreement, the EU can resolve these issues.

Discussions continue with members of the UN Security Council, both permanent and non, officially and unofficially, with other UN Security Council members. At the moment there are EU members who are non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, which have a say in the talks and are in contact with them so that UNIFICYP’s renewal goes smoothly, but also in relation to the goal of the resumption of talks”.

Responding to a question about the continuation of the talks, Christodoulides said that the aim is “to continue from where we stayed in Crans Montana. From the discussions we have, we believe that this is also the goal of the United Nations. That is why Mrs Lute’s meetings will take place with all the parties represented at the Cyprus Conference, which was initially held in Geneva and then at Crans Montana. This approach, which the UN Secretary-General embodies, will be done through Mrs Lute’s mission. This is the goal of her visits”.

Asked if it is better not to repeat the conference, given that there is no luxury of a new failure?, the foreign minister said: “I would not like to enter into such a debate. However, we definitely do not have the luxury, nor will we lead to a new failure, nor do things as it is. A new conference on Cyprus should result in a positive outcome. I think everyone realizes that a new failed attempt will have negative developments that we do not want at all. Going to the negotiations, we are going with a clear and unique goal: to have a positive result”.

As to whether there has been an approach as to the intentions of Turkish President Erdogan after the elections and given his meeting with PM Tsipras and other European leaders, Christodoulides said that there was an important meeting with the Greek PM, but other than bilateral issues,  the issue that dominated was that of the two Greek soldiers arrested in Turkey and the attempt of the Turkish side to link the case with that of the Turkish officers who have taken refuge in Greece.

“The Foreign Ministers will discuss, but at the same time, both in the EU and at Mogherini’s level, there are some discussions, contacts with Turkey and a clearer picture will be painted after Ms Lute’s contacts. That’s what I mentioned very recently, that Mrs Lute’s mission is the time of truth, where all the facts will be made clear”, he said.

Regarding the barricades, the FM said that “the political decision has been taken to open the barracks [of Deryneia]. It has not changed. From the Government’s point of view, everything that had to be done have been done. From our part, the roadblock could be opened. Unfortunately, this has not been done because of the positions of the Turkish side. But as far as our position is concerned, the political decision taken for this is there and has not changed. There are some issues like the one concerning the outpost. There is also the issue that is being projected, regarding certain procedures that have not yet been completed”./IBNA