Lunacek: Violent protests damage the European integration process

Lunacek: Violent protests damage the European integration process

Pristina, 16 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Rapporteur on Kosovo at the European Parliament, Ulrike Lunacek has issued an official statement in relation to tomorrow’s protest of the opposition.

Lunacek said that a new violent episode in tomorrow’s protests would damage the process of the visa liberalization.

“After the finalization of SAA and the path of the liberalization of the visa regime, there exist good motives to celebrate independence. But today Kosovo should commemorate the winner of Saharov Prize (1998), Ibrahim Rugova, who died ten years ago. He is still symbol of the independence of Kosovo and what’s more important today in politics is the symbol of our peaceful efforts, poet and great leader of the Albanians of Kosovo for their European future”, Lunacek declared.

Lunacek encouraged all political parties to continue and work in a constructive way.

“As a good friend of Kosovo, I would be sad if these celebrations would escalate to violence. Kosovo’s progress in the domestic and foreign aspect has already been damaged by the violent protests. If these protests become violent tomorrow, it will not only be the image of Kosovo that will be damaged, but also the perspective of Kosovars to travel without visas. This way, I call upon the opposition and government to celebrate Independence Day in a special way”, Lunacek said. /ibna/