Lourantos: The situation with the pharmaceutical care in Greece is dramatic

Lourantos: The situation with the pharmaceutical care in Greece is dramatic


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Strong criticism against the Samaras government policy applied in the field of pharmaceutical care made the president of the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association, Kostas Lourantos, at a press conference Thursday, October 23, to show the dramatic situation the industry is in.

Lourantos directly accused the government, using facts and evidence, of serving large financial interests and presented the impact of the reduction in state pharmaceutical expenditure (shortages of drugs, increasing the participation of members, reduction in life expectancy). He also referred to the rebate and pharmacies’ work ours, as well as to the release of the disposal of the Non Mandatory prescription drugs in supermarkets and the selling of drugs in the Post Office.

The pharmaceutical expenditure standing at EUR 2 billion in 2014, which would apply to 2015 as well, according to the data available so far, is on the verge of humanitarian crisis, said Lourantos. The social impact of the cropped pharmaceutical expenditure, which is steadily decreasing in recent years, is dramatic.

“The state does not even cover the basic needs of the population for drugs”, he said, adding that “the people are forced to pay out of their own pocket and pharmacists assist with huge credit, but cannot continue doing it anymore”.

The actual amount of the pharmaceutical expenditure results from the data of EOPYY, requested by the  PFS Agancy. For 2013, the overall outpatient pharmaceutical expenditure stood at EUR 2.53 billion (private pharmacies, EOPYY pharmacies, claw back of companies, rebate of pharmacies ). Already in the first half of this year, pharmaceutical expenditure has reached EUR 1.127 billion.

Finally, president of the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Association noted the correlation of life expectancy to the level of pharmaceutical expenditure and thus the level of pharmaceutical care. A pharmaceutical expenditure that does not cover the needs of the Greek people results in a deterioration in life expectancy and is characteristic of a state that does not respect its citizens.