Long debates on the integration of Albania in the EU

Long debates on the integration of Albania in the EU

A long debate has taken place for two days between MEPs at the European Parliament Foreign Committee concerning the draft resolution on Albania.

This resolution will be sent for approval in February of next year, but the debates will continue until the start of January 2017.

The resolution is based on the report drafted by the commissioner on Albania, Knut Fleckenstein.

The rapporteur on Albania demands support from his colleagues to send in December a message to the European Council which encourages accession talks with Albania. Fleckenstein has also demanded for amendments on issues that he considered to be bilateral, not to be allowed. These issues mainly concern minorities and the situation with human rights in Albania.

The rapporteur on Albania says that the only condition for integration is the start of the implementation of the Vetting law. “It’s clear that the negotiations must start soon, once the implementation of the reform in the judicial system kicks off. We cannot wait until everything is implemented, because in other countries, implementation starts even during the negotiations. I believe that a lot of work has been done in regards to the reform in the judicial system. Being a key factor in regional cooperation, we are very happy with the work of the government”, Mr. Fleckenstein said.

According to him, there are not 7 priorities, but only one condition for Albania’s accession in the EU and this condition regards the Vetting law.

The rapporteur on Albania is skeptic on the declarations issued by the head of the foreign committee of the German Bundestag, Kirschbaum in Tirana. He says that the Albanian government has delivered its obligations, but there’s still a lot to do in delivering the vetting process.

“I believe that Mr. Kirschbaum mentioned several points which must now start to be implemented, but I don’t think that what he said about waiting for everything to be implemented, is fair. Perhaps he has no information on this, because the German Bundestag has no say in this matter. It is the European Palriament and not 28 parliaments that must decide on every step that is taken”, Mr. Fleckenstein says.

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