‘Lone Rider’ – Milorad Dodik

‘Lone Rider’ – Milorad Dodik

Banja Luka, January 6, 2015, Independent Balkan News Agency

By Mladen Dragojlovic

Just a month after BiH political leaders held a meeting with EU high officials, Frederica Mogherini and Johannes Hahn, in Sarajevo and agreed that three members of BiH Presidency create a document on the country’s future, president of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, has put this process under question.

Dodik’s latest statements on a proposal of joint document raised new political tensions in the country, which already is on the blind track of European integration. In short, Dodik said that the proposal of the Presidency on the document doesn’t mean a good solution for Republic of Srpska, because it leads in further centralisation of BiH as a state. He added that the Presidency should not have made a proposal for the creation of such a document without any consultations with RS Government or the other institutions. Dodik reiterated that this document is not binding for RS.

“We will be a part of the consensus, but we will not be a part of those who support the BiH Presidency. The State Parliament cannot decide in the name of RS, without consensus from the RS Parliament. It is our right and we have no intention of changing that”, said Dodik.

Since the agreement on this document is the first step on the way to normalisation of the political status in BiH and the first condition on the BiH way towards acquiring EU candidate status, Dodik’s statements were seen, by a large part of the political parties, as a serious obstacle.

Mladen Ivanic, Serb member and Chairman of BiH Presidency, said to media that he expected a statement like this.

“Whatever is written, he would be against it. I will remind that, at a joint meeting of political leaders, it was clearly agreed that the Presidency would prepare the said document. Dodik was at that meeting, in the presence of Frederica Mogherini, he did not say anything and it thus follows that this is his belated wisdom”, said Ivanic.

His party, the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP), issued a press statement saying that Dodik’s attack on the document proposal clearly shows that he doesn’t want the normalisation of relations in BiH. PDP emphasised that the party and its leader, Mladen Ivanic, will continue to lead a clear politic of preservation of RS position, its economic empowerment and the fight against corruption.

“Attacks, which are coming from MIlorad Dodik and his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), show that they want to put RS in isolation or some Asian integration”, said PDP in the press statement.

But, maybe the biggest problem for Milorad Dodik, his party and his politic, is the silence of his coalition partners, Socialist Party RS (SP) and Democratic Peoples Alliance (DNS).

Petar Djokic, SP RS leader, told the media that it is necessary to analyse the Presidency document in detail, and to determine if it is in accordance with the agreement agreed at the meeting with EU officials.

Marko Pavic, DNS leader, said that his party will announce its position on the document on Monday. If one of the SNSD coalition partners gives its support to the document, Milorad Dodik will became a lone rider in this battle.