Ljubljana-Koper railway reopens

Ljubljana-Koper railway reopens


Review Hari Stefanatos

The six-day blockage of the Ljubljana-Koper railway has finished on Thursday evening.   The result of this blockage was the accumulation of a huge pileup of cargo at Slovenia’s only commercial port.

According to the rail operator, Slovenske železnice, a diesel engine managed to break through the sleet-covered tracks between Pivka and Borovnica on route to the coast.

Both tracks have now been opened again for traffic, however all cargo will be transported with diesel engines until the severe damage on the overhead electricity lines is repaired.

The traffic from and to the port  is expected to be less than the normal number of about 60 trains, with port operator’s, Luka Koper, estimating around 48 trains. The 170,000 tons of accumulated cargo is expected to be moved within two weeks.

Slovenske železnice estimates the damage to rail infrastructure at about EUR 20m.

(Source sloveniatimes)