Lithuania and Romania support the integration of Albania in the EU

Lithuania and Romania support the integration of Albania in the EU

Tirana, October 8, 2013

Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati declared today that the future of Western Balkan is in the European Union. During a joint press conference delivered today with his Lithuanian and Romanian counterpart in Tirana, Bushati declared that regional collaboration accelerates integration in the European structures.

“The future of Western Balkan is in the EU. Regional collaboration which we will see during the presidency of Romania helps and accelerates the course of European integration of the entire region. We had an open discussion and I thanked them for the assistance given to our country. I expressed our commitment to be decent partners of these two countries”, said Bushati.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Linas Linkevicius declared that the fight against corruption would accelerate the process of European integration. “With minister Bushati, we talked about the fight against corruption. We are convinced that collaboration between our two countries in many fields will be efficient”, said Linkevicius.

He added that Albania is in the right path of being granted the EU candidate status. “Albania has made progress and we must congratulate it on this. Albania is in the right path toward being granted the EU candidate status in December. The status is achievable, but it’s good to identify these achievements. Nonetheless, there are still reforms to be made”, said the Lithuanian Foreign Minister.

Meanwhile, the Romanian Foreign Minister, Corlatean praised the constructive role of Albania in the region and the smooth transition of power. “We are observing the latest developments and the democratic transition of power in the country. This is a very important element when it comes to political criteria for the accession of Albania in the EU. Integration in itself requires the involvement of political forces. We encourage all political forces to be as cooperative as possible in this process. Collaboration between the government and opposition is very important to achieve all the necessary reforms”, said the Romanian Foreign Minister. /ibna/