List of ministers of the Mihai Tudose cabinet, as approved by PSD executive committee

List of ministers of the Mihai Tudose cabinet, as approved by PSD executive committee

The list of ministers to be part of the Mihai Tudose cabinet was approved by the PSD Executive Committee (CExN) meeting, and the proposed ministers are to be heard by the parliamentary committees on Thursday, then the vote of Parliament plenum will take place. The list was voted with only one abstention, of PSD deputy Nicolae Bănicioiu.

The list includes:

Marcel Ciolacu- Deputy Prime Minister;

Deputy Prime Minister and Development Minister – Sevil Shhaideh (PSD);

Deputy Prime Minister and Environment Minister – Graţiela Gavrilescu (ALDE);

Interior Minister – Carmen Dan (PSD);

Economy Minister – Mihai Fifor (PSD);

Finance Minister – Ionuţ Mişa;

Minister for SMEs and Business Environment – Ilan Laufer;

Delegate Minister for European Affairs – Victor Negrescu;

Delegate Minister for European Funds – Rovana Plumb (PSD);

Education Minister – Liviu Pop (PSD);

Justice Minister – Tudorel Toader (Independent);

Health Minister – Florian-Dorel Bodog (PSD);

Foreign Affairs Minister – Teodor Meleşcanu (ALDE);

Energy Minister – Toma Petcu (ALDE);

Minister of National Defence – Adrian Țuţuianu (PSD);

Agriculture Minister – Petre Daea (PSD);

Minister for Waters and Forests – Doina Pană (PSD);

Labour Minister – Olguţa Vasilescu (PSD);

Transportation Minister – Răzvan Cuc (PSD);

Communications Minister – Lucian Șova (PSD);

Culture Minister – Lucian Romaşcanu (PSD);

Minister for parliament Liaison: Viorel Ilie (PSD);

Delegate Minister for Romanians Everywhere – Andreea Pastarnac;

Tourism Minister – Mircea Dobre;

Minister of Youth and Sports – Marius Dunca (PSD).

Victor Ponta, released from the office of Secretary General of the Gov’t

Also on Wednesday, incumbent PM Sorin Grindeanu has signed the decision to release Victor Ponta from office of Secretary General of the government and to replace him by Alexandru Mihai Ghigiu, former deputy Secretary General of the government, informs. The decision was published by the Official Gazette. Ponta took over the office on June 16, replacing Mihai Busuioc./IBNA